About Ollie & Nellie

If you could do anything without limits of time or money, what would you do? *Fly everywhere.*

Hi, we are Ollie and Nellie – our nicknames that just happen to rhyme – and we have been *exploring* since 2003.

Firsts. Our first date was at Club La Vela, made famous by MTV’s Spring Break in Panama City in the 1990’s. Our first road trip was to Tampa, FL. Our honeymoon was our first camping and canoeing adventure. Our first flight as a family was to Denver, CO. And our first European vacation happened to be when we moved to Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Smack dab in the middle. We live in the middle of everything you would want to see and do in Europe. Drive to Amsterdam, 4 hours. Train to Paris, 2 hours. Fly to Ibiza, 2 hours. Rome, London, Prague? Alps, French Riviera, Fairytale Castles? We are here for it all.

Our Facebook page, “Nellie’s Travels” will soon be updated to “Ollie and Nellie Explore.” https://www.facebook.com/nelliestravels/

While in Germany, we also run the Facebook page “Kaiserslautern Day Tripper.” https://www.facebook.com/ktowndaytrips/

We’ve been inspired to get out and explore our surroundings, so hopefully we can inspire you too!

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