Survival Guide to K-Fest

The Kaiserslautern Kerwe, or K-Fest, is Kaiserslautern’s community celebration that runs every May and October. The event is ten days long, and features rides for all ages, great food, and of course beer!

Although the festival isn’t exceptionally unique, my favorite part is that it’s right here in Kaiserslautern. Even though we enjoy getting out and seeing Europe, we also love supporting our local events.

If this is your first Kerwe, I would like to help you by sharing some tips I’ve learned over the last two years.

▪️Before you head out, make sure you check for Kerwe information. The site will tell you about deals and events. You can then plan your trip around whether you want to sing and dance, or just see the fireworks show.

▪️Bring lots of cash! Don’t expect you’ll be able to swipe your credit card at any of the vendors. There is an ATM next to a nearby restaurant, but you’ll spend 30 minutes waiting in line. Do yourself a favor and bring cash ahead of time. Rides are €3-5 each and a half-liter of beer is about the same price. Of course food prices vary, and you never know what you’ll want to grab from a vendor. A few rides, a few glasses of beer, some snacks, and a trip to the vendors… €50 goes just like that.

▪️Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest nights for obvious reasons. But if you enjoy singing and dancing, then go there on a Friday or Saturday night. It’s a great way to enjoy a night out, and you don’t need a table reservation. Make sure you brush up in your favorite festival songs.

▪️Parking at the Kerwe always gives me anxiety. You can find street side parking, but my favorite way to get to the Kerwe is by bus. Take the Line 101 from the Stadtmitte to Messeplatz (3 minute bus ride), or just walk 15 minutes from downtown. For those adamant about parking close to the event, may the odds be ever in your favor.

▪️For those looking to really maximize their Kerwe experience, head there for Familientag (Family Day), which this year occurs on Wednesday. They usually have deals on rides and food, making the Kerwe very affordable for the whole family.

Getting out and enjoying Europe is great, but it’s always nice to enjoy our local community events. Whether you are looking for a way to entertain the whole family, or a night out with friends, the Kaiserslautern Kerwe has something in store for you!

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