Pumpkin Festival at the Kaiserslautern Gartenschau

Located in the heart of downtown Kaiserslautern is the Kaiserslautern Gartenschau, a.k.a. the Dino Park.

What is the Gartenschau? It is a beautiful garden park with a playground for kids, restaurants, dinosaur displays, mini golf, and walking paths.

Every spring in late March, the Gartenschau opens for visitors. While they host a number of events every month, it’s always enjoyable to take the kids or a group of friends and enjoy the nice weather, have a beer, and lounge around the gardens.

But the events are not to be missed! They have an Easter Celebration, Middle Ages Market, and Culture Festival. But my top 3 events at the Gartenschau are as follows.

French Garden Party

Held around Bastille Day, July 14, the day that started the French Revolution, the French Garden Party is for lovers of French food, French picnics, and French music. Partygoers will bring their best French picnic foods and set up among the gardens where a band plays traditional French accordion music. If you decide not to bring your own picnic, don’t worry, there are wine and food vendors providing you with a glass of rosé or a flammkuchen.


Sommerzauber at the Gartenschau is truly Summer Magic where every evening in late July and early August, the park is beautifully illuminated. Music and displays enhance the evening as you stroll through a wonderland of lighted trails. It’s like Christmas in July.

Pumpkin Festival

From the beginning of September to the end of October, the Gartenschau is literally covered with pumpkins and pumpkin displays. The 2019 theme is “Romans.” This year, the pumpkin festival is on October 13. Enjoy the end of the Gartenschau season with some hot pumpkin soup and festive music.

Pro tips:

  • No pets are allowed in the park.
  • Food and drink are allowed as well as wagons, etc.
  • Day tickets start at €7 for adults, season passes start at €49 per family. Discounts are available for those with an SWK card (check your mail in late winter).
  • Check out their huge Lego exhibition for some beautiful and fun displays.
  • The mini golf on site starts at €4 for adults.
  • Don’t forget their sister park, the Kaiserslautern Japanese Garden – included in your season pass.
  • They have indoor ice skating every winter, this year starting November 22.

Check out the Gartenschau’s website for more info: https://www.gartenschau-kl.de/

(Pics directly from the Gartenschau website)

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