Hitscherhoffest 2019

I absolutely miss going to Fall festivals back home. Just thinking about it brings memories of hay rides, bobbing for apples, apple cider, and trying to pick out the perfect pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. Fortunately German Fall festivals are just as fun as they are back home!

Only a half hour away from Kaiserslautern, we enjoyed Hitscherhof’s annual Kürbisfest this weekend. The festival was enough to invite feelings of nostalgia, mixed with the German-fest atmosphere, reminding you of why you love living in Europe so much (Pröst!).

Although relatively small, the yearly Hitscherhoffest offers everything you want in a German pumpkin festival. Our first stop was the crêperie, where we washed down nutella crepes with adult beverages from the neighboring booth.

We browsed through the dozens of German and French vendors, making sure we picked up sausages (deer and wild boar) and acacia honey to bring home.

Afterwards we paid €4 each to enter the play area, where children wore themselves out by jumping from haystack to haystack, before navigating the corn maze.

After the corn maze, we refreshed with flammkuchen, bratwurst, and (of course…) pumpkin soup. We ended the visit by picking out pumpkins to carve up at home!

This festival only ran this past weekend, but if you missed it, no worries! Below are fall festivals you still have time to make it out to!

Kaiserslautern Gartenschau Pumpkin Festival (Oct 13th is festival, but display is ongoing)

Sunshine Pumpkin Farm (open every Saturday and Sunday in October)

Hoffest at Sunshine Farm (Oct 13th)

Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival (now until Nov 3rd display is open, but check the page for events)

Frankenstein Castle Halloween (Oct 25th to Nov 10th)

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