Kaiserslautern Day Tripper – Weekend Edition Sept 20-22

***September 20-22***

Hang on, the weekend is almost here ✊! And what beautiful weather we will have. If you are ready to make plans for the weekend, then this post is FOR YOU!

*Luxembourg Craft Beer Celebration (Sep 21-22)

Who doesn’t love craft beer? Under two hours from Kaiserslautern, Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg hosts the Luxembourg Craft Beer Celebration this weekend. Head over there Saturday or Sunday afternoon to enjoy your fill of national and international brew.

*Rhine in Flames St. Goar / Goarhausen (Sep 20-22)

The last of five “Rhein in Flammen” events for the season, St. Goar and St. Goarhausen host the Rhine in Flames this weekend. Check out the festival by the river beginning Friday evening, and Saturday night catch the boat parade and fireworks!

*Mainzer Apfelfest (Sep 21-22)

Under an hour from Kaiserslautern, Appel Happel hosts the annual Mainz Apple Festival. This is our family friendly pick for the week. Check out our post on Tuesday for our most recent experience.

*Hitscherhoffest Kürbisfest (Sep 21-22) 🤟

Only 45 minutes from Kaiserslautern, check out southwest Germany’s largest Herbstmarkt! This Saturday, we’ll be there for this family friendly Pumpkin Festival.

*Streetfood Tour Ludwigshafen (Sep 20-22) 🚉

Take the S-Bahn train from Kaiserslautern or Landstuhl to Ludwigshafen, and walk down to the Stadtpark an der Rhein-Galerie, right on the Rhine River. If you are looking for a beginner train trip, this is our recommendation for you.

*Mittelaltermarkt Zweibrücken (Sep 21-22)

Are you in to knights, horses, and dressing up? Only 45 minutes from Kaiserslautern, Zweibrücken hosts a medieval market this weekend! If driving to Zweibrücken is too much for you, you might want to check out the local Mittelaltermarkt in Trippstadt.

So many events this weekend. Check out more events below! If you make it out to any, we would love to hear your experience and share them for #sharingsunday.

*Die Ritter kommen Trippstadt Mittelaltermarkt (Sep 21-22)

*Drive in Movie Night Vogelweh (Sep 20)

*Weilerbach Kerwe (Sep 21)

*Streetfood Bouche Festival Strasbourg (Sep 21-22)

*FC Kaiserslautern vs FC Magdeburg (Sep 21)

*Hispanic Heritage Fiesta (Sep 22)

*Kürbisaustellung Ludwigsburg (now- Nov 3)

Just so you know, if you see a 🚉, then we recommend you turn the trip into a train trip. If you see a 🤟, that’s where we will be this weekend!

Have a fun and safe weekend. Get our and enjoy the great weather while it lasts!


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